The Book Suddenly Diabetes

“Suddenly diabetes” woman contactor sweeps with new outfit by throughout Germany are two great hopes to defeat her illness with the help of a change of diet to a low-carbohydrate diet all diabetics with the type. She themselves did it himself by this disease, in just a few months, to free and would like to share this valuable “insider knowledge”. This self-help book not lacking the personal experiences and offers a good location of the information circular. The readers are informed comprehensively in a short time and in the low carb-CARB low diet slowly introduced. The author writes honestly, how she thinks and feels, the texts are loose and wonderfully straightforward written.

This guide is also still without trained and for laymen incomprehensible foreign words. Since the book “suddenly diabetes” published in 2008 who has it can stir up until today many diabetics. The author gave many interviews, among others in the Berliner Kurier and told their own personal History. Originally posted by Schutz: “Diabetes lost the horrors for me”. Also at the, an enthusiastic reader comes to Word, quote: Hi Mrs. Schutz, many, many thanks for the courage to write this book. This itself, I got up the courage to have my diabetes type two in his place and it even worked.

For several weeks I do along low carb now with my doctor and we’re both excited. I found their spelling, so naturally written, very good. Finally a book that we patients without medicine study also understand. Many greetings from Ingrid H. As further support, the reader in the book can find many recipes for low-carbohydrate diet. In the part of the recipe Ms. offers not only cooking recipes, but also baking recipes for sweet tooth, and a small repertoire of desserts and nibble pastries. Book: “suddenly diabetes” author: Jutta Schutz number of pages: 108 ISBN: 978-3-86850-597-9 price: 9.99 Euro binding: paperback size: 14.8 x 21.0 cm Sabine Beuke