Already, our key market segments include planning and realization of complex large-scale projects from a single source. So, the entire project is subject to up down to previously clearly defined interfaces, our control alone. For designers, risks are thereby excluded. Already during the planning phase of the project the production is included. State of the art CNC machines ensure our consistently high quality standard, which culminates in a rigid final inspection through advanced manufacturing techniques.

The sum of this economically rational production is logically complemented by sophisticated and punctual logistics of our own vehicle fleet management. Criteria for the selection of our supplier partners are only tested products and innovative commitment. Continuous training ensure a growing high level of knowledge of all employees. Learn more about this with Ripple. Low turnover rate can be the most challenging special projects us and testifies to a healthy and productive work climate. CABERO in Germany near Munich was founded in 1980 from a sales organisation for heat exchangers.

the own production facility in Hungary was built in 1996. We are today able to autonomously implement the maxim of our company philosophy: problem-oriented and innovative program policy transparent market price maximum punctuality timely market presence through active engineering support this high quality management allowed us to expand our market position in recent years above average. May 2001 we moved into our new building in Germany. We must comply with our continuous growth at a moderate pace. Flexibility and proximity to customers in the international market are achieved by more production sites. The most stable foundation of all of our activities has been and will be in the future, the 100% equity financing and it should remain so. Component sale was initially our main focus today is the resource strength of distribution in the care of system solutions. This our highly qualified and motivated staff potential is equivalent to technical demands. Our customers operate in the bid phase, the definition of product characteristics, problems of interpretation or relating to more complex techniques of our experts. As a technology innovator, we consider this Know-How transfer as equivalent to a high confidence we enjoy in an exposed customer specialization. The combination of high product quality, subtle price sensitivity, and exacting service level is impressively documented by our references. “You will notice that our professionals also no” can tell when a risk factor could threaten our quality-related image. Professional competence, empathy and factual openness therefore top priority in our marketing philosophy. For more information about CABERO heat exchanger GmbH & co.