Fair Training: Ready-made Elaborated Training Concept

With TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts, exhibitors can train your booth staff for the trade fair presentation. Trade fairs play an essential role in the marketing mix of many companies. Their fair issues are correspondingly high. But unfortunately many exhibitors prepare their stand staff often lack of time not sufficiently on their tasks at the booth, even though they know: the trade fair success largely depends on how well our staff present our company and its products at booth. Continue to learn more with: Gary Kelly. A common cause for this is: the necessary training materials are missing the company also still short internally prepare their employees on the trade fair stand.

Therefore the economic consulting firm Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, an elaborate ready seminar concept exhibition training “developed. With the training documents published in the TRAIN PLAN series companies can convey expertise their employees, to plan a presentation professionally and to conduct the talks at the booth and to document the exhibition objectives. A further priority is that from them genuine customer relationships, discussions at the trade fair and the linked contacts so be prepared. The TRAIN PLAN seminar concept has a modular structure. This has, according to Wolfgang j. Schmitt, managing partner of Schmitt and partners, among others following advantage: the company can easily cut the training to the needs of their employees.

They can but also, if they register for example during the fair, that the response of the visitors to the stand or discovering their function problems its employees, in the short term decide: we now evening after the exhibition closes, or tomorrow morning, before the fair gates open again, a half-hour briefing of our employees perform. This is also possible with the TRAIN PLAN courseware. “That a flexible handling of the trade show training seminar concept” possible, is because, inter alia, that the training materials in addition to include also the required presentation templates and a trainer’s Guide to an affiliate script. There are also all documents on a CD-ROM in Word and PowerPoint format. Therefore they accommodate the needs of the company and its corporate design in the blink of an eye. “For more information about the trade fair training seminar concept” and over 80 other seminar and training concepts of the TRAIN PLAN series are at.