GPS NovLink

Localization via GSM/GPS has developed an interface between the alarm management and messaging system NovAlert and the rock sea security system the NovLink GmbH in collaboration with the rock sea AG. The combination of the two systems allows to transmit emergency calls from GSM handsets on any phones, pager, PCs, etc. The alarm message and the location determined by GPS via text message or voice message can be transmitted. There is also a NovAlert able to carry a position monitoring by itself. This alone working people, for example, in the industry or in the health sector, can be protected. About sea rock cliffs sea AG is Europe’s leading developer of mobile GSM-based security systems. Meet highest standards of production standards and technical safety of all components of an integrated system solution. These solutions are available both in complex variations, as well as in the health care industry and the hotel industry available.

More information under. want to learn more about this solution you? If you have questions we available available under. Since 1996, the NovLink GmbH develops CTI (computer telephony integration) products completely in-house. This CTI solutions support known, standardized systems and interfaces for the industrial and service sectors. NovLink now among the largest suppliers of CTI applications in German-speaking countries. A high degree of quality, short reaction times, as well as the proximity to the market are the key success factors for this success. Thanks to the ideal firm size and their own in-house development, NovLink able is short term and designed to market and new technology needs to respond.