So Reality Is Out Of Good Intentions

The classics of more or less serious new year’s resolutions are goals with the BIRD method to implement and diets, sport driving the KIMICH strategy or drinking less alcohol. All at once, to make well thought out and summoned not seldom know in the new year’s Eve night, little in this new year of all anders. Only, then after a few days or weeks to determine that the old quirks like a bad 1950s resurface. That frustrated especially when it comes to existenziellere goals such as a job change, the re-entry or the solution to a professional or personal conflict. The fact is, to be professionally and privately successful everyone needs clearly articulated goals.

Individual goals that follow a personal, inner drive, the force gives the destination owner to reach our goals. How this can work, shows Melanie Vogel, personal trainer and organizer of the women & work, based on the BIRD method: B = gut set wake up following questions: what is your heart’s desire? How want to stay in other people in memory? What would you do with your life? Follow your gut feeling, listen to your inner voice. Reflect on your values, your desires, your life ideals and then reconsider your current situation once again. How now answer to the following questions: why do you want to change your current situation? What causes you stress? Why are you in the job / dissatisfied in their personal lives? I = individuality accept your life planning and not those of others are necessarily your livable. Should that stop you? Certainly not, because you have the right to make your life according to your own wishes and ideas. Unleash your potential, your strengths and talents. Be honest with yourself: your potential, your strengths and talents in your life from you (and others) will be honoured? If not, the time of a change has come.