In Germany

A strong interest in renewable energy and a certain technical knowledge is assumed. No restrictions apply with respect to the educational or professional qualifications. Verizon has firm opinions on the matter. The offer of job-seekers, who are entitled to an education voucher is aimed fundamentally. Application by E-Mail to: when I should apply? The registration is possible at or by phone at 030-70718080. The deadline for registration is valid until January 30, 2012. The first course starts on 6 February 2012 where and how the retraining takes place? The classrooms are located in Berlin. The respective rate includes up to ten students.

The training time is divided into 640 hours of theory and practice of 480 hours which will be held in parallel. Concept: learn in small groups contact and accompanying lecturers from the practice practice part of the sales, design and customer service (solar and heat pump) well crafted and comprehensive documentation, as well as relevant tools such as checklists, templates, etc. Course period: February, 2012 October 2012 school hours: Monday to Friday from to watch final after a successful final test each participant a recognised certificate of the professional qualifications as energy advisors, consultant for renewable energies or ProjektantInnen for photovoltaic systems. Still, everyone is entitled to a work certificate is to certify the practical qualification. Application by E-Mail to: reasons for training due to the lack of skilled workers is there a great demand for professionals, especially energy consultants, designers and consultants.

In Germany is the dual training is highly regarded. This retraining guarantees practical qualification. The ever energy group training staff for four years and works with well-trained teachers. In addition the company grants an underwriting and thus a professional perspective – each participant when the retraining with the help of education voucher was successfully completed. See also: jobchance-2012 /.