Hearing Impaired Can Not Talk

The set I have from time to time by the nighttime people liked – and know what: the listeners have with their own perceptions even right. If they perceive a tone with their ears that listen to after a rather unintelligible babbling for them, and they can understand a single word out, then they say: the hearing impaired can not speak. However: Hard of hearing, who can talk, we just as well right, when we say: I am a deaf and can’t talk. It is located on the ignorance and routine of the hearing when they hear talk about hearing impaired, don’t understand us right off the bat, and stamped as “Hearing impaired can not speak”! We are hearing impaired can not check our own way of speaking and sometimes do not know how what word is pronounced correctly because we just lack this fine linguistic information through hearing. Our deaf voices are sounding monotonous to 95%, because that is missing Intonation often and again ran a pronunciation of certain words. Also our deficiency in the speech of individual consonants plays a major role, because we can never see them of the lips: S, H, Z, C, CH, V, W, F, and the L / N.

The listeners have in our view not right with her statement: deaf people can not say. This hearing are that ignorant, and as soon as someone apart from the usual language speaking, inwardly turned off and find another more convenient way out (consult the companion/friend/relatives of the deaf) – or hear, because the key sounds them unattractive. Also these deaf vote instill even fear them. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). Still: Of course deaf people can talk! I work with over 200 colleagues in my profession in the operation. There is this or that colleagues who literally fear before, to come with me in the dialog (I have so much rule rather than deaf, to scare them? Only a small, delicate woman as I can with my Chasing tone people fear? (* grins *).