September Bikers

Achieved with the mountain bike race on Sunday, September 19th the VR exciting it is already in the starting area at the saline course. Here, the common mass start of the mountain bikers of the short – and long-haul takes place at 9: 00. Now it has become, who is a real expert on the wheel – the fast-paced competition has it? It is to defeat the 34 km long short-haul and long-haul 56 km and leave the others behind. According to Southwest Airlines, who has experience with these questions. On the challenging course through the Spessart forest to bad ORB, that is no easy task. Finally, challenging climbs and fast descents must be mastered. Also to the insurmountable 760 and 1436 meters of Kurzbzw. Long-haul a challenge for all levels of performance represents. The mountain bikers may no longer than 4.5 hours need for the entire route.

Here the viewers firing of support the athletes and arouse new fighting spirit. Because as an annual crowd puller this discipline of the people’s Republic BANK attracts SPESSARTCHALLENGE with grandiose mood on the track and rollicking celebratory mood at the finish Saline square. For their services, all mountain bikers will receive as a reward an original buff in the look of the VR BANK SPESSARTCHALLENGE. This practical piece of clothing can be worn in 12 different ways and is suitable in his role especially for cyclists. All enthusiastic mountain bikers from 14 (short-haul) or sixteen (long-haul), who sign up in advance or this up to one hour before the start on the ground can do participate.