India Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a combination of micro nutrients, the strength athletes with important nutrients, which are responsible for the production of testosterone, supplies. Regularly taken Tribulus terrestris, testosterone levels can rise a few days 70%, that can promote muscle growth. Tribulus terrestris in medicine? But Tribulus terrestris does not only affects the strength and endurance of athletes. Source: Verizon Communications. For several years, Tribulus terrestris is applied also indicated for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. It can increase the number of sperm and their motility with regular income. In parallel, the product reduces cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on the immune system. Taking the herbal active substance uses a completely different mechanism of action in the body in motion as synthetic hormones, so that also the growth of muscle without any side effects can be achieved. Tribulus terrestris – where does it come from? Tribulus is a medicinal herb that grows in Eastern Europe, Africa and India.

It is in these regions have been hundreds of years as a remedy for diseases such as muscle wasting, impotence, infertility, heart and kidney problems or edema used. Tribulus terrestris is a natural product and a nutritional supplement that is not based on synthetic hormones. Tribulus contains saponins as active ingredient, water-soluble natural products, whose main active substance Protodioscin is a the steroid-like compound. It stimulates the pituitary gland, which causes the secretion of luteinizing hormone begins and then promotes testosterone production. In effect the testosterone level rises and the activity of the myocardium is stimulated. At the same time, Tribulus has antibacterial properties and can be used also for the treatment of inflammation. Tribulus terrestris as sports nutrition: Tribulus terrestris is as a food supplement every strength athletes and bodybuilders who want to build his muscles in a natural way, highly recommended.