Albert Einstein

By | October 3, 2012

Introduction the German physicist Albert Einstein considered in its famous Special Theory of Relativity (1905), that the space and the time cannot be interpreted as separate dimensions, and suggested that both were linked in a new term, the space-time. In this manner, ' ' bidimenso' ' space-time created a theory of four dimensions, the quadridimensional that includes: the height, the width, the depth and the time. Question: ' ' If the events had always occurred in four dimensions, will be that nobody, before Einstein, had this ' ' percepo' ' , nor that it has been unconsciously? ' ' This is the main question that this article intends to answer! We will analyze, resumidamente, the space and the time in the History of the Art, therefore the artistic languages generally bring in its workmanships, the concepts of the time where they had been created. A negligent reading will be able to give the impression to that if it deals with a simple history on the sprouting of the perspective, but is not that the text will deal with. In following pages we will conclude that what we judge to be fruit of a three-dimensional perception, it is in the quadridimensional reality. The three-dimensional one, in turn, would have to produce drawings completely different of what we enxergamos daily.

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