Albert Einstein

In some of my seminars where aboard another different wealth theme, when I mention the importance of knowing how to attract it, some people say that it isn’t important, I do not dispute with them, but within me if I argue that we must learn how to attract it to our lives. If you don’t believe it, tell me what you felt when your son wanted something and you could not buy? I am against consumerism, but there are basic things, for example the food and health. If you don’t have money, you sick you! Although many say the opposite, the money gives us security. (As opposed to Larry Ellison). With money would have no problem if you sick, you could easily afford, but if you don’t have it, you can not sick you. I am also against the waste of food or eating junk food, but the best products by purchasing them with money, why is important to know how to attract it into your life. I agree that our life should not turn around money, also that it does not provide joy, but us it gives us security and many States of happiness. As Woody Allen said, the money does not give happiness but seeks a very similar sense, you need a very advanced specialist to verify the difference. Learn how to make money must be a priority in us, then because we can then decide if we want it or not, I know many people who don’t know how to attract and will hide behind after many phrases such as money does not give happiness, money degrades or money changes people.

They may not attract, why using these phrases to be justified. Anyone can attract abundance, only know the process, i.e. How do need, already millionaires dominate that and they do it unconsciously. They have changed certain habits and this simple practice has sought them riches, the poor are still with the same habits, waiting for something to change, but of course, that never will happen. If you have money you can help other people, not only to yourself, with riches can give them employment, teach them and continue to attract riches, But if you do not, you will not help nor to yourself.

You do not escudes on the false idea that millionaires are people without scruples, everyone who I know are very sensitive and seek to help others, that is why I invite you to that you begin to change your way of thinking, this is the first step to achieve success, it is what I call, change of beliefs. If something does not work, change it, or as Albert Einstein said: If you are looking for different results, do not always the same. Now you can do it, stop thinking like a poor person and starts to think like a millionaire. Why can you attract wealth? Because you’ll be happy and will be happy to many people.