Scope Project

or measurable as far as possible. In addition, its description shall be taken into account: or magnitude. or location. or associated workflows. or time to the project that occurs. or duration of the activity. Possible alternatives may arise as to the location of the project, the technological process, program or timetable for development, the possibilities for enlargement, limitation and/or abandonment, as well as the limitations of the project to introduce corrective measures.

In any case, there is always the possibility of not carrying out the project. The input/output flows associated to each of the project’s activities, not leaving us only in those impacts that will take place directly on the area of study, but also to quantifying those ranging intrinsically associated to the activity that will develop (block diagram input/output). It must also clearly define the location and spatial occupation project and impacts, taking into account that each activity will produce a few own certain effects. Important you will have clear parts of our project and the program of development of the same (design, work, exploitation and abandonment), as well as the physical elements that form it. It should not be forgotten the possible risk factors affecting both the project and the possible corrective measures (geological risks, risks of security, etc.). Definition of the scope. Regarding the term scope have to resort to legislation, where is defined the scope of work as the affected watershed, term not specified, but which we can conclude that it establishes a larger scope than the area directly affected by the project, even if only by analogy with the term watershed (that refers to all the points that spilled into a river). It is important to also distinguish between the physical and biological environment and the socio-economic sphere, since the physical variables can take them at our convenience if no previous data exists, but the socio-economic variables are taken with a series of very defined administrative criteria may not always coincide with the scope of our study.