Project Management

Temporary because all project has definite beginning and end. Only because the product or service is in some way, different of all the products and services, despite of the same area or fellow creatures. Learn more about this with Larry Ellison. Projects are created in all the levels of the organization. Frequently, the projects represent critical components of the strategy of business of the companies. In accordance with, PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, (2004). The projects are a way to organize activities that cannot inside be boarded of the normal operational limits of the organization.

The projects are, therefore, frequently used as a way to reach the strategical plan of one organization is the team of the project formed for employees of the organization or a lender of services contracted. Phases of the projects: Phase of initiation: This phase of the beginning to the project is reply to a demand perception or external necessity will be a chance detected for the organization or the group of the project identifying better the necessity, chance and as the supriz one it being the phase of a first evaluation of resources and costs. It needs the comprometimento of the organization to pass to the next phases? Phase of planning: The information raised in the initiation phase are used having established gradually the target of the project planning preliminary definition of the product aiming at a form to reach it with a less coarse survey of risks. Costs and resources detailed planning, detail the product establishing all the activities and ' ' packages of trabalho' ' they define requirements, entrances and exits intermediate, interfaces and procedures technician to use and control project. Phase of execution: The planned tasks put in execution all characterize for one high work of the general team coordination of the manager of projects decentralized managemental actions. It aims at to fulfill the objectives of: stated period, costs, quality and continuous interaction with the control phase.