Sales Coaching: Ifsm Launches New Training

In the sale coach training, the participants learn, from good sellers to develop how I can do this top seller?” Vendors and salespeople this question is often, if they get a default such as: you must earn ten percent more revenue. Or:… arrange five percent higher prices. Or:…… Win 20 new customers. Then, their supervisors as managers are in demand. You must design ways to the target with their employees and help them embark on their and accompany. Often, the competence to coaching their employees missing executives in sales and distribution.

Therefore, the ifsm Institute for sale management, Urbar, starts an in-service training to the sale coach in February. The eight training aimed at all senior executives, who are regularly challenged them sales or sales manager, branch or branch manager, business owner or agent is it seller in their work to guide regardless, whether. Also Coaches and consultants who want to work as coach of sale, be addressed. The required know-how and skills, is conveyed in training participants to assist seller in the planning and execution of sales activities and to increase their verkauferische skills step by step. You are qualified also to form teams and to develop high-performance teams”, like Klaus Kissel, CEO of the IFSM, emphasizes. The professional moving training consists of five training modules. These last four days each and have different thematic emphases.

In the second module, the participants learn for example methods to stimulate behavior change in individuals and teams, and to accompany. “Where is the target according to Uwe Reusche, who heads the ifsm Institute for sale management with Klaus Kissel: each participant to develop a Coachingstil that fits to his person.” In the third module, participants exercise plan on-the-job trainings, carry out control, inter alia by means of a plan game in which it comes to develop a new acquisition strategy and to implement in the distribution. The fourth component revolves around the theme teams. Now the participants deal team again intensively with the question, as employees and high-performance teams can be developed out of these in turn. The future sale coaches learn according to Reusche, inter alia, to learning for employees in response, thereby increasing their competence as a seller and the performance of the team continuously. Followed by a transfer period after each module. In it, participants should transfer what you learned in the practice. For this they each develop action plans in the training modules. The goal here: Each participant is to develop its own sales coaching concept that he immediately can apply in practice, so worth the training investment for the participants or their businesses quickly. Accordingly, the participants create a project report. He serves as the basis for the ifsm certification. For more information about the sale coach training at. You can also contact the IFSM Institute for sale management, Urbar, (Tel: 0261 / 962-3641;). On 18 December, ifsm sale Management Institute also organized an information afternoon in Urbary. There, the training course will be presented in detail.