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White main calls for new systems and business models to support the on-demand behavior of people and them the technology unobtrusively to provide. Urbanity, identity, mobility, interaction, integration, individuality, and automation are the sustainable infrastructures and the basis for any system of innovation.” Products to make somewhere in the world as modules, would lose in favour of applications market significance. What it was, whether the configuration. Although a major foundation stone for the success of a new application will be the better technology in the future. Who would doubt that one can make not good deals with the development of a working fuel cell.

White main says the success on the market is not suspended but the technology, but on implementing customer-oriented”, compared to press release. Who focus on the production of base products, will the elimination race against countries such as China or Not win India. “In the day-to-day business, lose the Fordist business and the tayloristic principle long ago in importance, what is certainly not just for the Internet economy”, writes time editor Gotz Hamann in an article for the book the art of letting go of Enterprise 2.0″(Rhombos-Verlag). Who is but the structures of corporations and tightly organised SMEs looking at, will recognize that the legacy of Ford and Taylor was still very much alive: sales, marketing, development, production, accounting, internal management, IT Department and of course the Board of Directors. Most companies would consist of drawers and who put in one of them, have to find most anything in the other. The traditional division of labour is still considered safest exercise of domination and as the most effective method to control an organization”, criticized Hamann. “Andreas Rebetzky, Member of the Board of cioforums, refers to a quotation from Schiller: the world is governed only by the benefit”.

So should an IT chief crawl out from his sleepy corner of technology and itself as a designer and not as an administrator in the company profile. The traditional knowledge from the past century often starr sits in the minds of IT decision makers. Here I expect”impulses of the young generation, which will plow to the world of work as digital natives, Rebetzky, Director predicts global information of company Bizerba, which offers system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology. The competitiveness of many companies will impacted with the current economy hysteria rather. It should be invested more in real process innovations”, calls IT stakeholders of the cioforums.