Tables Reference

Link can be make detailed or brief. Detailed reference to the source is below the line at the bottom of the page where it ends quotation or statement of foreign ideas. With detailed reference the last name, initials, title work, publisher, place and year of publication, page. With brief reference is made immediately after the quotation or statement of someone else's ideas in the text indicating the number of source from the list of references and page (in brackets), and a detailed description of the output power is in the bibliography at the end of the thesis. For clarity in a thesis must be included tables, graphs and charts.

They performed well, nice, preferably in color, in strict accordance with the requirements of business documents. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. Numbering of tables, graphs (separately for the tables and graphs) should be sequentially throughout the thesis. The word "table" and its serial number (unsigned ) is written on top of the table on the right side, then give her name and unit of measure (if it is common for all rows and rows of the table). With reference to the table should indicate table number and page on which it is located. Break the table and move it to another part of the page can be used only if it does not fit entirely on one page. In this case transferred to another page and Cap tables, as well as the heading "Continuation of the table." If the table is taken or calculated according to the economic periodicals, or other literary source is obligatory reference to the source (the citation rules).