Right Surfboard

The choice of material is of crucial importance to have success in this sport. The choice of the right surfboard decides much how much fun you have later in the shaft. In contrast to snowboarding, where too little advanced with non-optimal boards somehow come down the mountain, the choice of the wrong surfboards in the worst holiday frustration without a single depending wave can mean. Especially the reversal of the good old rule from childhood “a bit larger buy, as you grow in” does not apply when browsing. His level don’t increase who expected quickly the opposite – the waves yield is low in anticipation of rapidly rising can equal times less than buying a number Board, and you can, while the actually less sporty dude rides a wave with its larger Board after another. Help there also no 30 years of skateboarding and snowboarding 20 years experience – it is the rule of thumb: everything has a pointy nose is not suitable for beginners.

Before you look at a Shortboard or a fish put to you should borrow one first and look whether you getting along so. You can make the handling characteristics of the Board essentially set on four criteria: the length, width, thickness and the rocker line scoop. A Board is longer, the faster it is. Not only driving but also when paddling. Because the wave only taking one if one has previously paddled his Board on the right speed, you get the waves with a longer Board so better. A Board is wider, less pressure the shaft have, that you can take them off and the Board is more stable when the drive. Who’s driving so rather small summer waves in Europe, is better served than with the narrow Shortboard with the large fish. Also, a wide nose makes the take off. As a rule of thumb: all boards in 19 “width are suitable only for good surfers.