CytoSport Monster Milk

Monster milk is the brand new protein drink by CytoSport for strength athletes with the aim to support the muscle and strength. In turn, there is a new invention from the House of CytoSport, the world-renowned manufacturer of dietary supplements. CytoSport Monster milk is a highly active protein supplement that brings the latest results from the biological and nutritional research. CytoSport Monster milk contains in contrast to many other protein supplements at the same time so-called fast and slow proteins. Proteins are generally for a successful muscle building of the utmost importance. You are in the basic fabric of each muscle growth. CytoSport Monster milk contains on the one hand the fast proteins.

These are, already appear as the name is, the milk or whey taken from. These fast proteins are digested by the body quickly and well and thus entering quickly into the bloodstream or into the individual muscle cell. In addition, the rapid supply of proteins is ensure the also included glutamine peptide. This very pure peptide (peptide are the smallest building blocks of proteins) once again provides for an extra boost of protein. In addition to these very quickly available proteins by CytoSport Monster still slow proteins milk body led to, in the form of casein and milk protein isolates. These proteins are slowly digested by the body, so that the proteins only after entering the muscle cells. This ensures that new proteins is carried to the athletes, so that there is no shortage of protein and a continuous muscle can be. This ensures that the so called anabolic window which opens for a short time after the training, is optimally exploited.

Another advantage of CytoSport Monster milk is that it is extremely gentle on stomach in contrast to many other highly active protein supplements. This is due in large part to the Aminogen related by the manufacturer, which ensures that CytoSport Monster milk easily digestible is. This is among others on the maltodextrin related for the production. In addition acts CytoSport Monster milk conducive to the nitrogen balance in the body a. This has the effect that the body’s own protein synthesis is accelerated. In addition, the supplement contains a number of essential amino acids, which significantly improves the muscle growth and regeneration after training. CytoSport Monster milk is not only a pure protein supplement, but has several more additives that can improve the training of the athlete. Among other things, Supplement Kre Alkalyn, which can accelerate the growth of muscle mass is located in the protein. Kre Alkalyn is a sauregepuffertes creatine, which almost loss-free can be absorbed by the muscle cells. Of course also for the health of important dietary fibre for the production of CytoSport Monster milk related. Overall is CytoSport Monster milk one of the most active protein suppliers that are currently available on the market. The special blend between fast and slow proteins (the so-called PROTEIN-MATRIX) ensures optimal long term care of the athlete. In addition, were all new innovations from the House of CytoSport for producing Monster milk used.