Revolutionary Party

The history of Mexico has placed it as the great traitor of the Mexican Revolution; Today, his senility, his illness and his eagerness to lead role, make that Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado endorse his proclivity to betrayal. The former Presidents of Mexico gave a radio interview to journalist Carmen Aristegui in which he lambasted his successor Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who accused of theft from the nation, while his brother Raul was noted for having links with drug trafficking. Of course, De la Madrid offered no proof of his words. In 1985, halfway through his presidential term, Miguel de la Madrid virtually handed power to his then disciple Carlos Salinas de Gortari who, at the head of a group of technocrats gave a blow of rudder in the economic and social conduct of Mexico. To some analysts the fact that Miguel de la Madrid, humanist, graduated from UNAM, has abdicated in favour of economists trained in foreign universities, meant, simple and quite simply, a betrayal of the social principles of the Mexican Revolution, since the disappearance of ejido was given in the following years, violated the rights of workers and was given recognition and power to the Church. Now, in full election period, in which, according to all polls, the institutional Revolutionary Party will be the big winner, Miguel de la Madrid comes to striking a treacherous blow at the heart of the PRI. And, naturally, the rest of the parties take advantage of the circumstance. All political fractions have given their point of view.. Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information.