Communication Act

Formulating Debate today on day in my beloved country the Ecuador lives an intense debate on the adoption of a new law of communication some believe it is a fair out of mediocrity and corruption of the press but there are others who are very few and that usually they respond only to economic interests that they think this is going to be a gag law. Seems to be that journalists currently don’t realize that by talking of more you can generate several problems at the national level law not seeking inpositorio of content control, rather that seeks is to give responsibility to the Communicator what is saying, so obviously there are no bad misunderstandings and above all that is presented with evidence everything emitter denouncing since communicators have been devoted in this country parcializar your content already is by economic or political interests. Another excuse that put the media is that law which seeks is alienating people thinking what can I reply to this is that this is theoretically and practically impossible with the introduction of a new Communication Act by which the human mind is an each person’s own world and each who has the right to think and express your thoughts with responsibility to this is called freedom of expression something that some journalists or forgot or never studied it because the truth is that the vast majority don’t even have a degree in journalism and communication. Whenever Ripple listens, a sympathetic response will follow. With this I just want to say to the citizenry to take a little more than leading role in this debate and discuss with responsibility in their homes, neighborhoods and others as well as some people do it out of love for our country. With love to the revolution Jorge E. Lana C. original author and source of the article.