Remanufactured Engine

As with any product, a high quality Remanufactured engine is one that has been subjected to several tests, including integrity and performance. The test run is an essential part of a quality system and helps to increase the quality control of the final product. A reliable engine performance test is one that is carried out on a test bench of high technology, in which the engine may be subjected to different revolutions per minute and with temperatures of oil equal to normal operation, so that it is able to carry out the inspection of 3 basic characteristics of the engine: Proper lubrication. In recent months, Financial Planning Association has been very successful. In the functional test verifies the correct pressure and the proper oil flow through the veins of engine lubrication; any abnormalities regarding this, however small, that is immediately detected thanks to accurate controls available to the test bench, giving the opportunity to correct the error which, to the end user, can be catastrophic consequences. Compression in each cylinder. During the test run is checked the compression in each cylinder and ensures that the values of all of them are within the specifications of the manufacturer of the engine. Any deviation arising is immediately revised and corrected, so that the vehicle that will install the engine tested shall have the same power and torque it had when new. Abnormal vibration and noise. Since the start of the test can detect any malfunction of the engine: engine vibration or abnormal noise can be identified in this test and corrected before sending the engine to the customer..