Manufactured Clothing

In the traditional English suit, including manufactured to order, shoulders are very small shoulder pads. They are usually beveled. However, each has a tailor their views on particular tailoring men's suits. Man, which is not a great expert in men's fashion, should know that a good arm-button suit can be undone. This is typical of expensive men's suits jackets, made in Italy. This means that You can tuck the sleeve, such as hand washing. If necessary, a tailor can shorten sleeves also. Hinges of all buttons on the sleeves will be cut and obmetany only by special request of the client.

Pants are covered sitting high on the hips and very closely adjacent to the leg. Flaps are popular only in continental Europe, even double-breasted pants suit English rarely have lapels that different from sewing women's clothes. By tradition, they hold on suspenders. Some tailors use braces as a way to fit pants on the figure. Another way to keep pants without a belt – is korsazhnuyu tape, which is regulated by clamps or rubber band. Any way to avoid the belt good for a low figure, because the belt is divided in half and shape makes it visually more shorter, suspenders, by contrast, visually lengthen the figure. 'Stomach pull, chest out' – and still relevant, and easier to follow this advice, if are you sure that you pants will not fall. Classic English suit has two side slit. They allow the wearer to comfortably keep their hands in their pockets: this way is not considered reprehensible in England, in contrast, for example, from Germany.