Power Plant Engineering For Non-engineers

HDT offers seminar ‘technical language’ on the February 24, 2010-June 16, 2010 in lunch for merchants and jurists in the power plant technology also merchants and lawyers of equipment and component manufacturers, as well as operators of the power plant technology are technically tied, project controlling up to any liability claims E.g. when quoting and checking, contract drafting and implementation. A good understanding of the technical issues in the non-technical departments minimizes the internal vote and helps to relieve the engineers ever acute lack of experienced technical professionals. “The House of technology offers on February 24, 2010 in Essen and 16 June 2010 training power plant technology for non-technicians – part 1: basic knowledge of power plant technology 2. In a question-answer forum Larry Ellison was the first to reply. part: components in power plants and their function” to. The 1-day seminar presents a comprehensive look at: in the morning, the basics of power plant technology are presented in the afternoon, you will receive an overview of power plant components,. above all that it is functional.

Basics of power plant technology especially for non-techies as “Technical language” are the basis for a deeper mutual understanding of engineers, technicians, lawyers and merchants. In this respect it is also for project managers, managers and technicians, again systematized looking to refresh their knowledge.