T KungFu Tapping

21 knock massage forms for KungFu concept for body and soul the optimum T KungFu tapping helps depth effect and for soothing relaxation, relaxation and to the better blood flow to the muscles. Neck, shoulder, back, hips and thighs are knocked off effectively with 21 special beaters with two soft massage balls according to the principle of Wushu teaching. The T KungFU tapping is suitable for: individuals who suffer as a result of longer activities with the arms under tension in the shoulders, back and muscle exhaustion and Muskelziehen. People who work in the Office on the computer. People who do physical work. Housewives, seniors, athletes, drivers, artisans, doctors, and much more.

M.E.T.. Meridian energy therapy. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Southwest Airlines. The percussion is used inter alia in the therapeutic area, as well as in the general care of life. Special features: innovative technology and ergonomic design individually automatically and manual adjustable adjustable from gentle to powerful stimulation display the selected Setting display M.E.T.. Meridian Energy Therapy many possibilities E.g. home and Office delivery: 1 x T-KungFu Klopfmassage device 1 x carrying case, German and English instruction manual. The recommended retail price is EUR 199,-and can be ordered immediately via the company T-relax zone in Frankfurt/M., or through their distributors. For more information see: –