The Scaffolding

Colocao of chainses: The final operation will be rank of chainses of wait for knotting to the blocks and baldrames, being placed 4 isolated chainses, with 2 meters of length, that simply are threaded in the concrete. The chainses will serve only for linking of the props with the block or baldrame, not constituting a said scaffolding properly. When it will have necessity of rank of the scaffolding to resist the efforts others that not of compression, must be taken the following cares: ) The minimum bifool for execution of armed props is 32cm; b) The stirrups must at least be spaced 30 cm; c) The scaffoldings will be without emendations up to 6 length m, a time that 7 the usual tripods have length m; d) The stirrups, without hooks, will have firmly to be moored to longitudinal chainses e, if possible, not having damage to the steel, to be welded; e) The concrete will have frankly to be plastic, to leak through the scaffolding. Armao: 1. The data to follow are limitations to guarantee the perfect concretagem of the prop. weighed 2.Armaes more could be used in cases special. Preparo of the head of the prop: Already in charge of the constructor, has necessity of if preparing the head of the prop, for its perfect linking with the structural elements.

The concrete of the head of the prop generally is of inferior quality, therefore to the end of the concretagem it has ascent of mortar excess, absence of britada rock and possibility of contamination with the adobe in return of the prop. Therefore, the concretagem of the prop must at least finish 20 cm above of the quota of arrasamento. The preparation or ' ' quebra' ' of the head of the props, that is, the removal of the exceeding concrete must be made with hands, which must vertically be applied.