Paris Petersburg

Petersburg again began to develop. The fare, in the early years of the society, was 40 cents a mile and rubles per hour of downtime. For a long time, Moscow and St. Petersburg were the only cities on the streets where you could meet a taxi. The entire taxi fleet of the country consisted of several hundred cars, and all transportation controlled by the state. No such thing as competition was not. In those years a taxi in St.

Petersburg was an expensive pleasure, and at the same time severe. Judge for yourself: in 1927 the capital of the ussr traveled 120 'Reno', and were running in Paris nearly 16,000 yellow cabs in London and Berlin – more than 8,000. By the way, to designate a taxi in St Petersburg were only introduced in 1948, and "light" that indicates the taxi driver is free or busy – in 1949. After privatization in Russian state monopoly over the provision of taxi services has been lost, and there are many private taxis. For a long time the taxi market in St. Petersburg remained semi-legal. Closer to the 2000 situation in this area has changed – there were organizations that provide public services on-call taxis with fixed rates and a decent level of service. Since then, competition in this market grows, which entails an increase in quality of services provided.

In the 20 century, the St. Petersburg taxi appeared yellow and checkered patterned in the form of a rook. But in our time a yellow taxi – it's rare, owing to the appearance of a large number of private taxi fleets where drivers have been working in the taxi on your own car. But this does not mean that if a taxi is not yellow – it's not a taxi. Own car and working in a taxi – it's usually quality care and individual attention. Working in a taxi on his car is no different from Conventional taxis in St. Petersburg, and sometimes even surpasses it. Since the car park in a private taxi varied by brand and comfort. To date, a taxi in St Petersburg – is one of the oldest and convenient public transport. Taxis in St. Petersburg – not just a car, a taxi driver from St. Petersburg – not just a job, but a philosophy.