Development Organizations

Organizational consultants work with the private aspects of the organization. Parameters such as age and history of the organization, size, nature of activities, technology, location, organization, environment, human factors, organizational values, shared staff values, management style, of course, taken into account in organizational consulting. But while all these factors track heavy. Today’s advisors in the life cycle approach helps both simple and amazingly capacious model of development – it describes the development of a business organization as a living organism, who is born, develops, and dies. Back in 1965 John Gardner (born J.

Gardner) wrote: “As people and plants, the organization also has its life cycle. They are green and flexible, while young, flowering and knotty old … Organizations can overcome the time from adolescence to old age in two or three decades, and can live for centuries. ” Such an understanding of the organization helps to understand it based on an organic combination of factors affecting it and stages that an organization is in its development, therefore, appears to predict problems that are typical for the entire organization at one time or another. 22 As you know, ‘who is warned – that is armed.

” The forecast provides an opportunity to develop a strategy to combat the problems that get in the way of development, thereby reducing damage to the crisis of the organization, and, perhaps, and save it from collapse.