Past Structure

So it was and it will! Welcome to the study and ability to predict accidents and disasters. And yes will master the road running! Experience the harmony of the devastation of the author in the study of accidents and disasters in the past 15 years, after handling hundreds and thousands of facts dramatic events in the world, allowed to install some dependencies that allow to understand the mechanism chronometric algorithm of accidents and disasters. Until 1998, I carefully studied the patterns revealed a very large number of various accidents and disasters, emergency and disaster the most varied kind and type. By 2001, I found that the identified chronometric patterns are quite stable and can be mistaken for basis for predicting the time of any emergency or disaster. Now in 2006, I keep records of almost all the dramatic events in the world on a variety of channels of news, and has never revealed the laws did not put me in front of doubt that the laws do not work. Regularities occurring accidents and catastrophes prove its scientific and its practical significance, opening up all new horizons in the knowledge of the laws of nature. And this are not empty words.

Numerous commissions repeatedly convinced almost a hundred percent agreement between the calculated natural voltage spikes with real bursts of dramatic events in the real world. The existing database can prove it easily, unlike the enormous labor expended me to create this database. So, what can we take as a basis for studying the occurrence of accidents and disasters? In reviewing the organizational structure of any complexity, type and type, you can identify a clear relationship of all elements of the structure according to their functional responsibilities in the form of an algorithm, and features interaction of the elements of the structure together.