Occupational Health

The construction of the quality of life in the work occurs from the moment where if it looks at the company and the people as a whole, what we call biopsicossocial approach. The biopsicossocial positioning represents the distinguishing factor for the diagnosis accomplishment, campaigns, creation of services and implantation of projects directed toward the preservation and development for the preservation and development of the people, during the work in the company. Outrossim, is important to point out that quality of life in the work depends on a good managemental organization, as well as of technological resources, that allow to the relation between work and welfare of the people. Rodrigues affirms: ' ' the expression Quality of Life has been used with increasing frequency to describe certain ambient and human values, neglected for the industrial societies for the technological advance, of the productivity and the growth econmico.' ' One Program of Quality of Life or Promotion of Health in the companies and organizations has the objective to encourage and to support habits and styles of life that promote health and welfare between all the employees and families during all its professional life. It is to have of the company to acquire knowledge the employee on as its health directly is related to its quality and productivity.

The benefits of one Program of Quality of Life are innumerable: improvement of the productivity; used more motivated; improvement of the corporative image; Little absenteeism; Improvement of the relations human beings industrials; Low taxes of disease; improvement of the moral of the work force; reduction in lethargy and fatigue, among others innumerable benefits. 9. FINAL CONSIDERAES the man, who dedicates good part of its life to the work, must have its guaranteed basic rights, with respect to the work environment. It is necessary that administrators, companies and organizations in general are worried about physical, mental and social well-being of the workers. As visa, the appearance of reactions he estresse as it, it harms the worker not only, but also the company. In this way it is essential that this searchs solutions to guarantee the health and the productivity of all, and consequentemente to increase its profitability. 10.

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