Military Regimen

During the Military Regimen, in the seio of the Armed Forces, it had two main groups that they disputed the power politician in Brazil: ' ' castelistas' ' , that they had in White Castello its ideological leader (initially, they desired to restore the social order for after that returning the power to the civilians) e, of another one, the known ones as ' ' line-dura' ' , that they defended to be the military regimen the only exit for ' ' chaos politician and social' ' where Brazil if found, despite the instauration of a regimen of exception was necessary, of authoritarian and repressive matrix. The death of president Costa and Silva, in 1969, generated great turbulence politics? what it made it difficult the redemocratizao excessively, as intended initially for the castelistas. The faction of the hard line, after conturbado succession process (where a together military man assumed the power), obtained to install general Emilio Garrastazu Mdici. Not obstante the economic prosperity, this government was marked by a context of great turbulence social, with priority in the repression to the opponents of the regimen. The left movements had passed to the seted fight, deflagrando engage in guerilla warfare, notadamente in urban centers and the region of the Araguaia.

Another marcante characteristic of this time is the relapse of kidnappings of foreign authorities in exchange for imprisoned politicians. In the presidential elections of 1974, the military faction that supported Mdici did not cheat success, and the elect candidate was general Ernesto Geisel, had as representative of ' ' castelistas' '. Geisel was committed, since the beginning of its government, with the distenso of the regimen, defined as ' ' slow, gradual opening and segura' '. However, as the words of the historian Boris Fausto, the opening would be slow and gradual? but not insurance. Because it was a process characterized for many advances and retrocessions, where Geisel was forced in determined occasions to use serious measures? however democratizantes, however conservatives? in order to keep the situation under control and in accord with its project of government.