Notebooks – Contemporary Reality

Now, the image of the business and a successful person closely associated with mobility. Moreover, this mobility is manifested in all spheres of life and business activity. And every year, this mobility is growing exponentially. So only 20-30 years ago, a man seen in a PC computer system only convenient, but today the computer entered our lives as an essential attribute of modern reality. Like everything else, the computer has become subject of unification, began to support more and more features. The logical conclusion of its unification, was his mobility and independence from their bases … The first truly mobile computer, Designed by Adam Osborne specifically for travel, was introduced in 1981 and was called the Osborne 1.

This model weighs about 12 kg: a small collapsible bag could hold a processor Zilog Z80A, 64K of RAM, keyboard, modem, and two drive 5.25 '. However, many historians agree that this model of Toshiba in 1100 revolutionized the industry and became the prototype for modern notebooks. Output with the innovative device in the market was very risky step for the company, but in 1986 it was sold about 10,000 of these devices, and Toshiba has captured the largest market share of portable computers. This laptop was equipped with the Intel 80C88 processor with a frequency of 4.77 MHz and had a 512kb RAM and a 3.5-inch floppy drive to 720kb. The first laptop weighed 4.1kg and was running on MS-DOS 2.11. The price of this model then was $ 4,000.