WebMoney SMO

Hello, I deal ofrmlenie groups. I want to tell you that this SMO. SMO is the promotion of a product or site in the blogosphere or social networks. The basic principle of SMO lies in the fact that it is necessary to increase your presence product or site in the Internet site, where the most people. The most visited site in Russia – VKontakte.ru, the creation of it to promote anything good start! I can help you if your group would be aesthetically look, it will become much more popular! I suggest to you to arrange the group in contact, but you do Owned menu novogatsiyu, pages, avatars, banners. The same will place your ads in my gruppe.Podrobnaya sdes information in my group can and zarobotat .. You bring me clients, I pay you 20% of the value of its order.

Rules .. advance warning, that you led me to a client Write marked 'Affiliate' in him point-id client that you brought. Money after a customer order is executed. You will get exactly 20% of order value. Money transferred to the partner's purse if you do not have WebMoney purse, you can take advantage of the application is also possible to transfer the votes equivalent of 30% of the order. (It is understood that a vote = 10 rubles.

Rounding occurs at the smaller side.) If you get the money you're using an application WebMoney purse, it is necessary that you have added to my friends. The application in addition to friends attach a message: 'Affiliate'. It is also seeking staff, those who can work in Photoshop and has a lot of imagination. In general, I tender one who has the gold ruki.Pishite do not hesitate to write in the subject co-operation. Couple my creations