NexGen: Strong Sales Growth

Growth in the sector of POS services and digital signage revenue of the NexGen group rose in 2011 to 20% to EUR 9.89 million The cost structure of the NexGen AG improved compared with the previous year led to an improvement in profitability. As important growth area of the NexGen has the group established itself offering complete solutions in the field of digital signage. To expand of this business segment, the NexGen Smart in store GmbH was founded on April 1, 2012, which is specialized in digital signage solutions consisting of hardware, software, project management and services for the retail industry. With high potential services and support as well as installations and rollouts for POS systems represent another area of growth in the environment of the GK software solutions, because NexGen in the Switzerland as well as in Germany, has a mature service organization. The NexGen CEO Dominic Lachat says annual results 2011: good response from our customers find our comprehensive services. Especially the German market has to our contributed good result with double-digit growth rates. It is able to increase our sales and earnings figures. For the year 2012 I see good opportunities for our expansion in all German-speaking markets.” “He adds to the theme of management: in Germany we are assisted in our expansion will continue by Marc Masurath, NexGen AG in the Switzerland as a sales/partner Director Alpes and at the German NexGen Solutions GmbH and the NexGen Smart in-store GmbH as Managing Director responsibility bears has significantly promoted the positive outcome of the group.”.