In the world of Economics and finance, safer investments that exist are bank deposits. They guarantee the repayment of 100% of the invested capital and are also backed by the deposit guarantee fund that covers up to 100,000 per owner. In addition, combined with paid accounts we can achieve the optimal formula to invest without risk. These deposits are contract to different periods, from a single day to several years by what we can divide our savings between different to not commit all of our long-term savings and deposits to take advantage of offers that offer us short term deposits. On the other hand, not all are advantages, since as mentioned we undertake the capital invested during the period of the deposito.tipos of deposit. Despite the fact that increasingly, the banks that do not penalize partial or total cancellation of the deposits in excess, you usually pay a Commission for this cancellation. This Commission is usually a percentage of profitability expected (for example, 3% obtained compensation) either to make the bank deposit rent for a percentage less than the contracted (if hired 4% TAE, if we cancel advance rent to 2%). For this reason, you must not forget never ask what are the cancellation conditions in the event that we cancel our bank deposit if any unforeseen event.

If still has not compared the interests between the banks and savings banks, it is advisable to do so before committing their capital for a long period of tiempo.deposito to fixed-term. Finally, enter the more money in your deposit more profitability will get but we must be cautious. Advantages safety: Our savings are securely protected because financial institutions are subject to strict control by the Bank of Spain. Profitability: We obtain greater profitability than on other types of bank accounts. Simplicity: against other possibilities of financial and stock market, the bank deposit requires a number minimum requirements of formalization.

In a very simple manner can one open a savings account. Possibility of risk disadvantages: Although we can withdraw the money when we deem it appropriate, so before the stipulated time may involve economic penalties. Long-term profitability: this type of deposits are only meaningful when they are medium to long term. If you need to quickly have the money you should opt for other formulas. High commissions: there is full freedom of price as regards the fixing of commissions by entities financieras.creditos Bank. The client should be clear which are fees and charges that you will be charged. The most frequent commissions are the maintenance, relative to having open an account and the collection of notes made on account.