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In a record time of only 9 weeks, the trend capital closes group your final investment offer in the Emirate of Dubai, the Dubai business Bay III KG trading funds. First acquisitions have been made already. Mainz, 21.02.2008. a big thank you is our outstanding partners, without which we would have not achieved this success. “, so Alexander Karg, CEO the trend of capital distribution company.” The third and last Fund facilities of emission in Dubai, focus II, trading in real estate in the emerging real estate market on the Arabian Gulf as well as the predecessor product Dubai business Bay. The previous results of our trading activities can see over a period of 8-10 months so far on average 40% “, so Frank Simon Board the trend capital group.

We will be with the two remaining products up to December 31, 2008 completely de invested and so parallel to the current duration of the existing double taxation agreement Act, and finish both commitment to that date. In addition to the previously uncertain tax treatment we deem so barren this approach especially in the light of the massive 2009 completion of housing units and an associated market adjustment in Dubai useful. “the two represent approximately 51.5 million euro trend capital Dubai of Fund currently the largest German Fund volumes in the field of real estate trade in the Middle East.”. The trend of capital group will increase your activity in this growth region and become active within the next 14 days with a novel product on the German investment market.” Current developments of the Fund, analyses, and other information can be viewed the trend capital on the homepage under. About the trend capital AG trend capital AG, founded in 2000, is an internationally active underwriter based in Mainz. The company offers closed private equity in real estate, energy and corporate finance. Press contact: Trend capital AG contact press novel Milburg White Lily 5 55116 New York Tel: 06131 / 553 99-0 fax.: 06131 / 553 99-99 E-mail: Internet: