Economics People

Leadership involves dealing with people, and they like to be treated as such. The leader who acts as an inspiring and motivating coach has walked a long way, because the equipment will operate virtually only. Achieve this is not easy, but there are several aspects to be taken into account. One of the issues to consider is that a good leader listens. Today, many executives, fearing to seem less able or less wise, impose its criterion above all things and try to impress others with your speech to be possible riddled with terms in English, which seems so that they know more. But do not know to listen to as they say, if we have two ears and one mouth, it will be because we should listen to the double of what we speak. Not only is that we can learn many things from other people, but we also know better the people who work with us and their interests, and thus know what motivates them to do things. And the potential for improvement is enormous, as such and as Andres Ubierna reminds us, 75% of the workers claimed to be able to work with greater efficiency than it does currently communication that can get the machine coffee or similar – surpasses in many respects to the formal communication.

As a professional I’ve had to handle people of different backgrounds, motivations and ways of being, I am convinced that the best way to collaborate with one is treating people as people worth the redundancy – worrying about them, sharing, talking and giving example. I.e., it must know how practicing empathy, and understanding how a person feels and what motivates you, we can get to work in the best way. This does not mean that at certain times and/or with some people there that practicing another skill that must have managers, assertiveness, according to which, on the basis of respect for others and towards oneself, it reaches the conclusion that our opinion does not have to coincide with that of others, and in certain caseswill have to impose ours, or learn to say that not. In my experience, many conversations relaxed around the coffee machine has allowed to discover new aspects, new ways of doing things, that on many occasions, when we are in our firm engaged in numbers and data, we are not able to perceive. And in any case, these lectures serve to make team. Although neither is done as Super Series Camera coffee workers, who are there all day.

Once has already been mentioned on the subject in question, on the weekend, the children or football, to work! Pablo Rodriguez has a degree in business sciences, postgraduate in auditing accounts and master MBA, passionate about the world of Economics and business management.