Motivacional Behavior

If a person believes that a great applied effort has little effect on the result, will tend not to strengthen itself very, therefore she does not perceive relation between productivity level and rewards, that is, between cost and I benefit, personal investment and return. CONCLUSION To find a company who coexists without conflict is an utopia, being that the lack of communication and tools to motivate generate innumerable insatisfaes. It does not have a theory that it guarantees the motivation, therefore to assume that the same stimulatons cause the same reactions in all the collaborators are to menosprezar its individualities. Each one reacts in different way the similar stimulatons, a time that the necessities and the yearnings vary of person for person in function of its personal objectives, being the meaning given to each related action to the personal scale of values. To deal with these differences is a necessary requirement ace organizations.

The satisfaction search is on to the characteristics of the personality, making with that each one has a specific type of perception and interaction with the organizacional environment. This perception and this interaction are basic factors so that the intrinsic motivation that each one backwards I obtain not if loses. It fits to the managers to look for to determine the Motivacional Behavior of its subordinate and from there to search to keep the necessary conditions so that they remain motivated, brightening up the conflict enters the desires of these and the requirements of the company. The necessary conditions so that the intrinsic motivation is kept can be associates to the theory of the two factors of Herzberg, therefore motivation involves conditions of work and comfort, model of management, relations with superiors, full use of the personal abilities and delegation of responsibility. This is a good way to keep the motivation of the collaborators, therefore they will perceive its contribution to the work and the company.