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By | November 22, 2014

The push approach was quite successful in the 20th century, today’s users are however responsible and over-saturated. For this reason, it is important to establish ways of feedback giving and deliberately to allow. This can be done passively through feedback buttons and integrated surveys as well as proactively through direct questions, for example in form of Web surveys or oral surveys. Who says that feedback is important and helpful for the process of change, which uses several opportunities. In addition to the previously mentioned advantages by proactive feedback obtaining often own credibility of change teams in the eyes increases provided the consolidated results of the survey respondents the is made behind transparent and comprehensible implemented the follow-up functions derived therefrom. Prerequisites for a successful exchange of information in the change like the Foundation of communication, so the topping-out ceremony of the successful change can be celebrated? Analysis of existing: first and foremost is the current situation on usable channels, events, tools to investigate: what communication channels already exist? Which are used as intensively? What communication events take place? And what should take place, but not yet implemented? What tools are there already, communication related? These include, for example, a short presentation about the plans of change in or a newsletter. Role profile in addition to the evaluation of the existing communication structures is the role of the Veranderungskommunikators in the change team to anchor.

To do this, is to create a profile, emerge from the tasks, skills and responsibilities of this role. This profile is to be agreed with all stakeholders and to communicate. Only when the Communicator is explicitly confirmed by project sponsors and management in his role, he receives the freedom to make his role alive. “Fast results even if the term of Quickwins” in many companies a negative connotation (often because it was used to an inflationary and with too high expectations), but exactly this is installing a change communication: the creation of structures that quickly shows the employees affected by the change: supplied with sufficient information about the change and can give feedback, the appreciative recorded and reused. Communication activities, which are particularly suitable for experience of the author,: setting up a virtual business card of the Change project regular in the corporate intranet conduct a survey to the change, the answers < 10 minutes a structure manageable wiki with contact data, project presentation and a short collection of FAQ (frequently asked questions) about the change. Already the implementation these few means of communication and activities can significantly increase the visibility of the change project in the company and generate more positive response.

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