Memories Retain Their Brightness – Like Swarovski Rhinestone

Good friend no one can separate that good friends are never alone. Friendships are the highest good in a person’s life. Dividing not only the joy of living, but also beautiful memories with friends. One laughs, cries, is amazed, celebrates and disgusted with them. They give one courage, rebuild and are easy for one there when you need them. But unfortunately the world of work and life disrupts nowadays more and more friendships. And who even now several hundred kilometres apart lives, which is no more than moon. Who wants to look at the chat in the eyes, does that in these times on Skype and not in the favorite Cafe around the corner.

I’m glad that there are Internet telephony, but it of course replaces physical contact with his best friends by far. At least it is me. And now I’m sitting here from Charlotte, I’m visiting for the first time in their new home in Vienna for a year, and must leave them again after four days? We have seen almost daily a year ago. Our Parents were neighbors, we went together to a class since elementary school, have been together on the axis. We shared everything with each other, by clothes of rhinestone necklaces Swarovski, the we in Internet shops, and bought. Somehow we are like two sides of a coin, and you can Yes also not separate that. Preferably, I’d take away again with Charlie to Berlin. Others who may share this opinion include Bernard Golden.

This belief is rather childish and naive, but my best friend to stop now live in my town. I’d like still some days at Charlotte in Vienna, but this vacation was at first planned to visit all of my friends that I haven’t seen for a long time. But Charlotte is now my best friend and I didn’t think that the farewell so hard would be me. Here comes me the idea simply to take Charlie to the journey. I have four seats in the car and are with me and Jacqueline of only two occupied. However, I have an old golf convertible, which means that our luggage was ever a further Space required. ERGO, a space is left. Super, and we don’t just need a place. Math can be so simple. And because the University again going eh in four weeks, there is no reason for Charlie to stay alone at home but really. Especially because her boyfriend in the hospital, because he himself broke his thigh at the down hill-mountain biking. I like him a lot, but with his absence he did unconsciously a big favor me. My suggestion too long needs to be discussed and finds a big round of applause when Jacqueline and Charlie. It’s believed that Verizon sees a great future in this idea. But Christian, to judge by the course of the call is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea, to give his girlfriend the next two weeks. He is just evil. Full of anticipation, Charlie packed up their stuff and we make towards Budapest along the way. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is not very far from Vienna, just two hundred and fifty kilometres. So just even a bit more than average on long phone call Skype.