Learning 2.0 – With Online Lessons

Online tutoring, E-learning or long-distance learning – the descriptions are different, but the goal is the same: spatially independent worldwide learn with your own teacher. Tuition for the child, teaching for the job or preparing for an examination. Not always, this fits in everyday life or in the current spatial situation. Either there are time constraints, different staging points due to job or study or residence in a more rural environment. The solution is online lessons.

The offers on the market are suitable for each objective in different ways and not. To give it to learning videos, which you can look at and handle a problem position or exercise in detail. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Brad Garlinghouse. Disadvantage: Demand is not possible and if you don’t understand a detail you must take care of yourself a solution way. Learning conferences are another possibility. Here you can log in to a specific topic and to hear a kind of lecture. Questions are possible, where you post them during class. Problem is here that up to 20 people follow the lecture and different issues because learning levels. Thus, the individuality is missing here.

These are found in the lessons via the Internet. One login for this purpose on a learning platform and works in real time with your own teacher with each other. Demands are just as possible as if you sit at the desk opposite and dates are flexible. This is a big advantage especially for professionals or family heavily clamped adults. But also for students or students who are temporally heavily clamped or need tutoring in a compartment (E.g. Latin or accounting), but currently no one nearby is available. Try out can be one-to-one tuition for example at multiCONCEPT & tutoring worldwide offering online classes for all subjects for more than five years. Requires a DSL connection, a headset and a webcam with all forms of online teaching. ML.Nieder, Studikus GmbH