The Asbestos

For this reason, the theme of dangerous substances is”a component in dealing with parts of the system should not be underestimated. Individual production stations with solvent, acid, Lye is exploring to coolant or soot load expensive to clean and then safely be disposed of. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. But the unexpected occurrence of material which is contaminated with asbestos. This can be the case more often than you might think at first thinking about. Because to do (usually thermal) processes a special heat protection is required under certain circumstances.

Therefore, components made of asbestos material can be found again (not only in old plants). Various seals in thermally-looking plants are not uncommon with bad asbestos charges a case for the black/white Division”. “This means that there is a separation between the work area and the outside world” is. Work on the asbestos material may be only within the shielded work area, by workers in protective clothing and under Vacuum made are also human and material locks are needed this is connected with a high human and material cost. Here can quickly high costs! As the system owner, therefore, it is recommended that you get accurate information in advance of quotations about the hazardous material situation of the installation concerned.

Only in this way can be real surprises that are always expensive out of the way… When therefore an appointment by a specialist company always, whether such neuralgic points in the common talk of the service provider are addressed. Here you get a first impression of the seriousness of the provider. If he is serious, he will give you more information: because it also other dangers. Thermal processes, building materials, which were harmless in their installation state can be suddenly dangerous. It is not necessary in most cases to install such comprehensive arrangements such as the asbestos removal then, but the disposal costs can increase 100 200 per ton or cubic metres under certain circumstances.