Right, that every customer needs, because of which we live, and the marketing department must ensure Seekirch 21 06 2013 – clear, that every customer needs, because of which we live, and the marketing department must ensure. But is that all? The question will answer himself in the course of this short preview. “Professor Kotler, the marketing guru’ from United States said: to learn marketing a day needed to master it a lifetime” where does it begin, where does it stop and what is? Caveat: We are now on a buyer’s market ‘ – more than ever, and is still increasing in the requirements – in contrast to the sellers market ‘ of yesteryear. That means earlier had circumstances even was allowed to ‘, because the offer was partly very close – the customer that purchase, what was offered for its needs in the region. This affected all – both food and clothing, or even machines. And the offer came mostly from the region in which he lived if one disregards the fact, that some industries, such as the system / automotive, was already quite early on also in other countries/continents. Basically, he could only that buy what was available on the market.

Today on just this buyer’s market -, the customer says what he needs for the optimum performance of its tasks/goals. And who wants to sell something, must be the wishes of his customers and met in the age of the INTERNET their preferred ways of shopping and something non-European producers here to be represented enforce against competition from all over the world close most ‘ customers be it doesn’t matter depending on the product, if this close ‘ INTERNET means or the shop around the corner or, or, or depending on the product and market/customer segment that is marketing then? No, far from marketing is a philosophy, which ensures that the whole company ‘ is geared to the market. And a company consists not only from vendors, but also from the shopping, can all other service sectors be subsumed the development, production and finance, etc.