In accordance with Hunter (2007) the first proclamations had been carried through in character of test for the Anatel (National Agency of Telecommunications) in 1998. However, with practical and the positive results, the federal government decided to adopt it, becoming it officially a modality of licitation with the provisional remedy n 2,026 of 4 of May of 2000, that Law was more than reedited 15 times until the approval of the law of the Proclamation ( 10.520/02), in May of 2002. From this moment, all the government levels, also city halls, had adhered to the modality due the profit of speed in the act of contract, that passed of 3 months for 20 days and for its economicidade. 2.4.1. Preparatory phase or Internal Phase the preparatory phase of the proclamation understands the activities demanded for the opening of the licitation.

' ' During this phase the works are carried through in internal scope, with the participation of the responsible controller for purchases and acts of contract, of the administrative unit or area from which if it originates the demand for licitao' ' (FERNANDES, 2000, p.12). As Fernandes (2000) this controller is called Competent Authority, in the Provisional remedy that institutes the proclamation, and fits it to determine the opening of the licitation, to assign to the proclamer and the team of support of the proclamation, to establish the requirements and criteria that conduct the licitation and the execution of the contract, to decide the resources against acts of the proclamer, beyond homologating adjudication of the proclamation, determining the celebration of the contract. Fernandes (2000) still comments that the accomplishment of the proclamation demands the previous elaboration of the Term of Reference, that instructs the process and promotes the instauration of the licitation, with conseguinte elaboration of the cost spread sheets, verification of the availability of budgetary resources and assignment of the proclamer and respective team of support.