IT Offers For The Midmarket

IT administration, information security, IT / TK moving Darmstadt, 10 July 2013. The Adiccon GmbH is headquartered in Darmstadt has expanded its range to new solution components for the middle class. In medium-sized companies, the concentration is on the core business in the foreground. Usually lacks the time or resources to deal adequately with the further development of the information technology and telecommunication. The environments in the middle class usually individually and demand develop and are characterized by different manufacturers and performance. The appropriate way for the further development is often unclear. It arises in particular the question of whether and how new IT-related subjects (E.g.

cloud) can be useful. The new IT offering of the Adiccon starts exactly at this point. Adiccon has developed tailor-made modules individually aligned coming on the needs to use. The module IT administration is focused on the IT equipment and their operation and development. The information security considered all aspects of the security and data protection. The smooth move of IT to another location or within the existing premises is supported with the module IT-/ TK removal. More information Adiccon GmbH Landwehrstrasse 54, 64293 Darmstadt Ingo Beckert telephone: 06151/500-777-0 fax: 06151/500-777-99 E-mail: about Adiccon the name Adiccon stands for “Advanced IT & communications consulting”. Adiccon – successfully offering manufacturer – and solution independent consulting and services in the use of information technology and telecommunication since 2005 the market – for large users, medium-sized businesses, as well as for the health care.