Windows Manufacture

In the practice of modern construction are widely used wood windows, metal and plastic. It is not something Bill O’Grady would like to discuss. Last bindings require much less care in the operation than wood bindings, and more durable. Wooden frames have good weather stability, they are resistant to acids and fumes well insulate the room from outside heat and cold, protect against drafts, dust and noise and light weight have good shape stability. The windows are divided by the process of opening mainly for Casement, , pivot, top and sliding. Casement windows open outward or inward. The number of panes in the window usually defined name (single, double, triple screen). For the manufacture of window frames are usually used pine, spruce and other wood species. In the manufacture of window sashes and boxes of frames with tenon pre-bonding.

As you know, in the manufacture of window-metal structures is most often used aluminum and steel, including stainless. All in high volumes using anodized, painted or covered with plastic aluminum. Plastic is practically devoid of pores, and almost no delays dirt and dust. Binders can be cleaned with water or any detergent used in the household. In the manufacture of windows used different profiles of aluminum alloy with thermal insulation.

The presence of insulation inside the profiles allows their use in residential buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. These profiles also provide improved sound insulation. Aluminum windows are made from the lateral hitch bindings (fold), with the lower hitch, hitch with a combined (lateral and bottom), etc. Aluminum cores enclosed in a shell made of extruded pvc.