Manager Project

These are some of the tips that we recommend to prevent in time the little collaboration customer attitudes: Tip #1 lead control needs of information for this we go to auxiliary of a document that we can call This information needs report will allow us to introduce you formally and in writing the list of the requirements necessary for the development of your project according to the programmed time, serving as a control sheet to mark the dates that we will receiving information and clearly showing potential gaps in his delivery. Tip #2 with time schedule key activities always there are a series of activities that it is prudent to plan them properly above all by its significance at specific stages of the development of the project, for example: sessions photographs, interviews with employees or executives of the company, key technical meetings, etc. Each of these activities require some degree of organization by the company and many times an incorrect planning can cause us serious delays in our process of site Assembly. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. Tip #3 request a person to the formal follow-up as already mentioned, is not convenient that a Manager or Chief assumes responsibility for follow-up to the facilitation of the information, in fact it is one of the most common causes of the delays in its delivery, is why we must insist on the fact of the convenience of having a different person who monitor and follow-up to the logistics of the construction of the site since the first formal meeting as providers. Some of the advantages of having employee responsible for monitoring are: we can write him or call him everytime we need not feel that we cause discomfort, because that is its function. Allow us an effective synchronization of information needs earrings can ask him all the details we need for minima than will be the ideal intermediary in tasks of communication with other units of the company us helped to keep up to date on status of project owners and facilitate us to quickly move our doubts to them, retroalimentandonos with their decisions and impressions of the project (remember that we not be able meet all the times that we want with them) Tip #4.