The Asiago

Parmigiano can serve very well with FiordiFrutta fig or gooseberries. The pecorino cheese is traditionally made from pure sheep raw milk and is an excellent cheese. Depending on the degree of maturity, can he be eaten soft or cut resistant and fits perfectly to the exotic aroma of bitter orange. You harmonizes particularly well with this cheese speciality that originated from the central Italian Lazio. Today, however almost every Italian region knows their own variant of pecorino. In Germany, especially the young, for three months mature pecorino Sardo is widespread, whose name and origin are legally protected. A speciality with a millennial history from the home region of Rigoni di Asiago is the Asiago cheese of the high plateau of the seven churches (Altopiano dei Sette communi). In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply. The Asiago has a protected designation of origin (DOP Denominazione d’ Origine Protetta) and is one of the most important cheese in Italy.

Today, it is manufactured exclusively from cow’s milk and is available in different degrees of maturity in Italy. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). The Asiago cheese is suitable as an ideal accompanist FiordiFrutta BlackBerry. Other cheeses, like goat cheese or gorgonzola provide variety on the table in connection with various fruit flavors. Cheese, honey and fresh fruits who once otherwise would like to offer a cheese plate guests, should try the version with honey and fruit. By Rigoni di Asiago, there are also classic and unusual honey specialties in organic quality, which also wonderfully combined with cheese and fruit. Well ripened goat cheese tastes summery with pieces of fresh pear and refined with a few drops of acacia honey.

Whether Acacia, forest and wild flower honey, orange blossom, or white fir honey are all varieties with a proprietary, patented low temperature especially gentle manufactured to obtain best possible valuable content and aroma substances. All Rigoni di Asiago products are available at selected gourmet and food departments, as well as in health food stores. The MSRP of the manufacturer is 3.49 Euro up to 6,99 Euro depending on the product and variety. Versatile recipe ideas of any kind under en.