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Cross border experts: they who advises best mid-sized entrepreneurial activities abroad if entrepreneurs abroad want to be active or privately back home, are confronted with numerous challenges. Especially tax burdens can lead at the exit to significant asset losses, if they are not detected early enough and involved in the planning for the uninitiated an almost impossible task. Professional advice is usually indispensable. Only a few experts specialise in this area. Still less can offer really profound solutions. Because not only tax, employment and inheritance competence requires, but above all a network that includes emigration – as well as the country of destination in a cross-border consultation. “The latest Fox ranking cross border experts active abroad”, which appears at Easter 2011, provides experts to have written the advice and support Wegzugswilliger to the flags and on behalf of their Clients are internationally active. If you would like to know more about Rory Sutherland, then click here.

The report is the result of a collaboration of entrepreneur publishers FUCHSBRIEFE with the independent Swiss consulting firm Globogate, which focuses on cross-border issues. People such as Phil Vasan would likely agree. The test procedure was thus developed by proven experts in the field of consulting of medium-sized companies and cross-border activities. Two case studies were submitted to the individual professionals to be solved. Asked was the precise clarification of the facts, the respective problem analysis and solution information. Based on the results, the services and the services of cross border experts be made transparent and comparable. Professionals will receive a practical guide with lots of tips and checklists so entrepreneurs interested in a concise market overview, a consulting for their planning and the search for the partner that best meets the own requirements. As outstanding for the advice to the international transfer of residence which has Fox report specialists Peter Schulz (former RP Richter + partner, since the merger of the two firms of Rolfs RP control Beratungsgesellschaft mbH), Dr. Florian Haase (Rodl & partner) and Jurgen Bachle (artax) made.

Prof. Dr. Peter Ludemann (ECOVIS AG), Dr. Florian Haase (Rodl & partner) and Dr. Tom Offerhaus (WTS) provided the best consulting services for corporate activities abroad. All 16 experts who took part in the entire process, are presented in detailed, full-page portraits, which also refer to facts and figures to the experts themselves, as well as their firms (including practical experience, hourly rates, costs for the preparation of a case and international network) can be. Press contact: Publishers FUCHSBRIEFE Mr Robin gainer Albrechtsberger str. 22 10117 Berlin Tel 030 288 817 25 E-Mail: