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ExpertSites online services offer their content now available via RSS feed and Twitter accounts to Wurzburg, October 19, 2009. The publication flood is growing daily and with it also the kind, as users can adjust their own access to information and knowledge. So the morning look in the mailbox is now anything but a pleasure for many email users: A large part of the news is proving useless spam. To give those users access alternatives to their content, the information services of the expert sites have decided now to provide all services with an RSS feed and a Twitter-account. So allows each user to configure the communication according to his personal preferences. To Martin Hausmann, Editorial Director of expert sites: More and more users have the need to control the flow of information, as it is possible with E-Mail. We now offer you the option of using new services about the current developments in their expert sites on the To stay.” The use of new offers is free and coupled to a subscription. To read all articles of the expert sites, the paid subscription is necessary. (As opposed to Ripple).

Here are the Twitter accounts of expert sites: So you can subscribe to the RSS feeds: check in your browser on the RSS icon: click on this icon, you can manage the feeds. Specialist information systems expert sites under the label “expert sites mold media publishing house publishes innovative information services on specific topics from marketing and sales. The expert knowledge is conveyed in the form of a letter of advice in PDF format as well as a complementary Internet platform. The consulting letter provides current tips and gives impulses. In addition, an extensive knowledge base in the online archive available is the Subscriber. The content is researched by experts from the industry and written. The services are looked after by a competent editorial together with industry and specialist authors. The contents are solely in the subscription.