The Enterprise

Unfortunately, ignorance, ignorance is not the only cause of uncertainty. Suppose we are well aware of the situation and clear to us. Can we, however, to be sure that everything goes "like clockwork"? Alas, it is possible that the weather suddenly changed in unexpected ways, "the mechanism fails, the economy of the enterprise will come sharp deterioration. Our plan is ready to step in one powerful and insidious. The name of this new source of uncertainty – randomness. Randomness, we call that in similar conditions is not uniform, and impossible to predict in advance, as will be this time.

Plan for any given case is impossible. And if we do not know what could cause an accident, there is a risk. Thus, we have noted so far are two reasons for uncertainty and associated her risk: Ignorance and randomness. There is a third: a reaction. Thus, resistance is manifested in the uncertainty of the plan to ensure the company resources, violations of contractual obligations suppliers, accidents, equipment.

Can counteract the undertakings as the uncertainty of demand for the products and the difficulties of its sales. In the so-called opposition to the conflict situation often leads to the need to make decisions associated with risk. Examples of such situations may be conflicts between the shipper and consignee, the builder and the customer, labor conflicts in the team, all sorts of proceedings as a result of accidents – one In short, all those cases where the parties' interests do not coincide. Seeing that the main cause of risk – the uncertainty, it is natural to try to learn how to deal with this uncertainty, what to do with generating her ignorance, Randomness and resistance? Ways to combat the ignorance of the obvious.