Know People

I know there Has millenia, since the existence, the people is injured through bl-bl-bl. Each time that it is arisco the theories progresses. The public personality is more ' ' comovido' ' ' ' sensvel' ' to the situation msera of the nation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sheryl Sandberg. This is the motto of generations and more generations, and until today the people they continue rudes, committing the gravity of them to become leaders and until dolos. He is confused sees that after that history has in the shown one through the centuries, the people, mainly those most mature ones in its critical sense, still come to believe that the solution is in the implantation of a new system. If it cannot believe that people who if say are pledged in the fight for a world just become an immense convoy, always displayed to a new game of bow.

System does not exist ideal politician. Any one of them, already come or still for coming, used and will use the simple man as white of its projections. To believe a system is if to make imprisoned easy to dominate. The centuries have in the shown one that it would be loving ones to the others that we would transform this ' ' chain alimentar' ' in a world of human beings. That all the resources that can have, still thus, are insufficient without the dosage of the heart.